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Faith Information and Discussion Online

Faith Information and Discussion Online

Hoping to nurture your Faith Online, the Connecticut Conference has launched these sources of Information and opportunities for Discussion. These are Internet "mailing lists," which use ordinary email to allow either broadly distributed announcements or facilitate group discussions. We offer both kinds.

Our Information lists will provide you with periodic emails from the list moderators on the topic in question. The frequency varies with the topic: Disaster and Justice updates, for example, arrive "as needed", while the Spirit Calendar arrives weekly with its uplifting messages.

Our Discussion forums allow participants to email back and forth: each mail sent to the forum is distributed to all its subscribing members. A question might elicit many different answers from many people, or it may lead to a further conversation in an attempt to resolve a knotty problem. These forums also can be used to further or deepen existing relationships or ministries. They are oriented toward specific areas of concern in the life of our churches and people.

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